Brand Visibility: 25 Ways to “Rip the Runway” With Your Brand

Have you ever gotten all excited about a pool party? You receive the invitation. You even buy some cute and sexy swimwear only to get to the party and get cold feet?

I regularly see this metaphorical scenario from women with incredible ideas, dreams and gifts. They get to the edge of the pool and25 Ways to Rip the Runway either just stand and watch everyone else, playing and having a great time, or they just sit on the edge of the pool and put their feet in, but that’s all they do.

Let’s shift this scene to brand visibility.

Brand visibility is something you must do, it doesn’t just happen. I am not going to spend lots of time waxing poetic about all the reasons why your brand should be visible because the simplicity of the message is, you can’t be in business without people knowing you exist? And people don’t know you exist if you don’t show up and tell them.

Making your brand visible, in a strategic and intentional way is critical to the success of your business. In order for your brand to be seen in front of the right people here are twenty-five proven ways to “Rip the Runway” with your brand. This is where you create your platform, show up and strut your stuff for everyone to see.

I encourage you to implement two of these strategies over the next thirty days. Determine the results you desire and track your results.

1. Attend networking events
2. Use video to share your message
3. Host a webinar
4. Start a podcast
5. Create your own blog and update with new content at least once a week
6. Write articles and upload to article sites
7. Use social media
8. Interview industry leaders
9. Write for a magazine
10. Create an information product and sell it
11. Host a live event
12. Host a lunch at a local restaurant
13. Host a telesummit
14. Collaborate with other likeminded individuals
15. Create a press release strategy
16. Create a branded email signature
17. Create a branded ezine for your mailing list
18. Create a free ebook and sell on Amazon
19. Have a website designed
20. Create a Facebook page for your business and consistently engage
21. Create a Facebook group for your brand and consistently engage
22. Create a branded voicemail message
23. Make yourself available as a speaker for local organizations/events
24. Create an page
25. Write a “how to” book

I invite you to share more ways to “Rip the Runway” with your brand.

You can also join us in the “Bland to Brand Stardom“ group on Facebook, where we talk branding, marketing and empowered mentoring for women in business.

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Meet Cheryl
Are your ready to transform your business from bland to brand stardom? Cheryl Pullins, creator of and author of “What Every Diva Must Know About Starting Her Own Business” helps women in business who have a profound and vivid passion to serve the world with their gifts, and a deep reaching desire to use imaginative ideas as a platform to transform their business into brand stardom that radiates, resonates and expands their influence thus elevating their income.

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